The new Hyatt Place Hotel in San Pedro Sula

Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula
The Bar at Hyatt Place San Pedro Sula Hotel

San Pedro Sula has a new property that is ideal for the business person that is looking for a hotel. I am talking about the new Hyatt Place Hotel in San Pedro Sula. The property is set in the heart of the “zona viva” in this bustling modern city. You are a short walk away from the two largest shopping malls in the city, as well as to other high-end franchise hotels, such as the Real Intercontinental and the Hilton Princess hotel. Oh! And I almost forgot the mention it, but the Hyatt Place is part of a mall, which is very convenient if you need to do any shopping for anything you may have forgotten to pack for your trip.

When I first visited San Pedro Sula 25 years ago, and yes, I am aware that that was a quarter century ago, lodging options were limited. Back then, the Copantl and Gran Hotel Sula hotels were your top options. Boy have things changed! San Pedro Sula now has many different franchise hotels, as well as many small boutique hotels. Despite its growing pains, the city is the most modern, diverse and productive non-capital city in Central America! As the municipality of San Pedro Sula strives to become the premier smart city in Central America, private investors have been working hard achieve that goal for years.

Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula
The Spacious and Modern Lobby at Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula

The new Hyatt Place Hotel in San Pedro Sula is a perfect example. A spacious lobby which they refer to as “the Gallery” offers a comfortable lounge with a nice outdoor terrace. You will be surprised at how green the city is. Locals understand that a large tree provides a shade that is several degrees cooler that the rest of the neighborhood. Thus, they all try to have a large tree in the back and front yards. Many are fruit trees, with Mango being the favorite due to its oversize canopy. It really works like a natural air conditioning unit!

Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula
Great variety to choose from at the breakfast buffet

An extensive buffet area in the restaurant, next to “the Gallery” gives the guest the opportunity of a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. The in-house chef does wonders to present an appetizing and tempting alternative for each meal. I assure you that you will enjoy choosing from the extensive variety.

Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula
The rooftop Hyatt Place Hotel Pool is a welcome oasis is a tropical city

The rooftop pool is on the same floor as the meeting rooms and gym. The view towards the Merendon Mountain is superb and provides a variety of tones of green that you will love. Another spacious terrace overlooking the city provides the perfect setting for small events and cocktail parties. But then of course, the most important part of a hotel are the rooms. And you will love the rooms at the new Hyatt Place Hotel in San Pedro Sula.

Hyatt Place Hotel San Pedro Sula
Standard Room at the Hyatt Place Hoteo in San Pedro Sula

Choose between the standard double room with two queen size beds or the one-bedroom suite. The latter comes with a spacious living area that includes a kitchenette and a separate room with a king size bed. The sofa in the living room provides the option of an extra bed if needed. Rooms all have large windows that offer great views. Towards the West you will enjoy the Merendon mountain range, home to the El Cusuco National Park. To the East, enjoy a view of the city, with the many trees you can see in the back yards of most homes.

And then, I must say that the staff was very accommodating. Although I did not spend the night there, I did get a full tour of the property. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to visiting the new Hyatt Place Hotel in San Pedro Sula and spending a couple of nights there on me next trip!