Puerto Cortes and Omoa

San Fernando de Omoa Fortress

Puerto Cortes is Just a short distance north of San Pedro Sula. This is the most important and modern port facility in Central America. As a matter of fact, a lot of the imports and exports from El Salvador and Nicaragua go through this port. It is a certified US port. This means that merchandise departing from Puerto Cortes and sent directly to the USA does not have to clear customs upon arrival! Together, San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes are an important part of Honduras’ economy.

Although Puerto Cortes is mostly a port city, it offers some great hotels, outstanding restaurants and decent night entertainment. Together with its next-door neighbor, Omoa, they make an interesting destination that has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to beaches. Puerto Cortes is an important hub, and highways CA5 and CA13 both pass through the city. CA 13 leads West to the Corinto Border Crossing with Guatemala and has become an important gateway into Honduras for travelers that are visiting the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

In addition, a passenger ferry that operates twice a week provides direct communication with Southern Belize. Many travelers that are in need to exit Honduras to renew their Honduras and CA4 visa use this ferry. There are several Garifuna communities within the area. Masca is in Omoa, and Travesia and Bajamar are closer to Puerto Cortes.

While Puerto Cortes is a modern, bustling port, Omoa remains a sleepy beach front village. They make an unlikely pair that offer history, food and lodging with many things to do. Above, all, they are easy to get to and both are safe cities that you can visit as a tourist! I hope that you find our Omoa Destination Guide useful. Hopefully, it will  motivate you to visit this interesting and diverse destination,