Rural Restaurants in Honduras

Restaurante Julita, a Perfect Example of Rural Restaurants in Honduras

It is a fact that small rural restaurants in Honduras have a special taste to their food. Perhaps it is because they serve authentic organic meals. It could also be because the use of local herbs. Many are actually cooked with wood ovens or stoves, and may get their unique taste from that. It is common for Hondurans to stop on the roadside restaurants to enjoy a country style meal.

rural restaurants in Honduras
A road sign marks the location of Restaurante Julita at Sesesmil 2 Village

During my recent trip to Copan Ruinas for Christmas, Soledad, my wife insisted on a visit to Sesesmil. This is a small village in the mountains to the North of Copan. The road is a dirt mountain street that was in good condition. The area has many coffee farms in the neighborhood. Because of this, the road is kept in good shape for the coffee harvesting season. This is the same road that travelers take to get to the Luna Jaguar Spa and Hot Springs at Aguacaliente, Copan. It is also the same road that they take to go to the Finca El Cisne or Hacienda Rosalila, two of the most visited farms in the area.

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Restaurante Julita
A hungry family waiting for lunch!

The road takes you through two small villages that are part of the municipality of Copan Ruinas. They are Sesesmil 1 and Sesesmil 2. This is the same road that takes you to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park, one of the top things to do in Copan Ruinas.  Sesesmil 2, which is approximately 14 km from Copan Ruinas. This is roughly halfways to the Hot Springs, you will find a nice restaurant known as Restaurante Julita. There is a small sign on the right side of the road if you are coming from Copan Ruinas.

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Travel Tip: Visit the Luna Jaguar Spa and Eat at Restaurante Julita in Sesesmil 2!

The restaurant is popular with the locals from Copan Ruinas, who like to head out of town on the weekends. The idea of having a delicious “sopa de gallina” is motivation enough for the trip. Many combine the day out with the visit to the hot springs, which are approximately 28 km outside of town.

Rural restaurants in Honduras
Sopa de Gallina at Restaurante Julita

At Restaurante Julita you will find a clean, inviting setting. The menu is basic, and the more popular dishes are the “Sopa de Gallina” (Hen soup) and the parrillada. They do not serve any alcoholic beverages, which is a good idea. Driving on the winding mountain road after several beers is not a good idea anyway! Try their delicious horchata drink. Made with rice and peanuts, it is a refreshing local beverage. The coffee is fresh from the farm and tasty.

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If you are around Copan Ruinas and would like to taste the food in typical rural restaurants in Honduras, consider a trip to Sesesmil 2 and have a bite at Restaurante Julita. If you do not have a car, arrange a tour to the the Luna Jaguar Hot Springs. Let the tour guide / driver know that you would like to stop to eat at Restaurante Julita on the way back.

I am sure you will love the taste of food at typical rural restaurants in Honduras!