Roatan Resort Communities

The Best Roatan Resort Communities:

Because of its size, Roatan offers more and better options for resort communities that its sister islands of Utila and Guanaja. Although there are many different development projects going on in Roatan, the difficult economic times in the past year have put a dent on the progress of many of them. Our selection for the best Roatan resort communities is based on the following premises:

Security of your investment.

When  you invest in a project that is still on the drawing board or in the process of being built, you are taking a gamble as to how the community will look like when finished. Selecting a resort community to invest in is a big decision, you are probably looking for a place to retire in, or at least to take refuge in during those cold winter months when living at home can be a real test! You want to make sure that your investment is not only safe, but that you will be able to enjoy yourself with it and be proud of it. You want a place where you can invite your family and or friends and feel comfortable having them at your home and seeing your lifestyle!

Quality of construction and infrastructure.

You are moving into the Caribbean, into Latin America, but you still expect the quality and comfort you have back home. A cheap construction and infrastructure will result maintenance problems you do not want to buy into. There is nothing worse that buying a piece of paradise and having it turn into bloody hell because things don’t work!


Not only is it important to you that your investment in a resort community is easy to get to, by this meaning a good paved road, you also want to make sure that getting to it is a pleasure. Nothing worse that having to drive through trash and slums to get to your piece of paradise!

Based on the above criteria, we have selected the best Roatan resort communities, where you can invest safely and enjoy yourself at the same time. These Roatan resort communities offer a range of possibilities, from purchasing a beachfront or ocean view lot to building your dream house on it; an existing or redesigned home, or purchase a condominium unit that you can enjoy, and have it rented out when you are not using it help cover the costs of maintenance. Some of them also allow the possibility of having your yacht conveniently docked at the marina waiting for you to enjoy it!

Parrot Tree Plantation

Roatan Resort Communities
Parrot Tree Plantation is one of Roatans premier Resort Communities.

Located on the eastern half of the island, but quite close to French Harbour, Parrot Tree Plantation is a dream come true. Because it has been built on a hilly terrain, it offers the best of both worlds: beach front lots as well as mountain lots with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Two small bights or coves that are part of the development. A 130 slot marina with world class designer condos fringing the waterfront, as well as 48 studio suites that operate as a deluxe resort with its own private beach and huge swimming pool are all part of the development. Security is outstanding, as there is only one entrance to the area and it is gated with access restricted by the security officials there. This Roatan Resort Community has been designed with exquisite taste, attention to detail and with only the highest quality construction materials. The result is an outstanding resort community in Roatan with first world quality!

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Pristine Bay

mid roatan hotels
Ocean front Villas at Pristine Bay Beach and Golf Resort

This is the newest of the top level Roatan resort communities, and it really is a dream come true! This community boasts the only designer golf course in Roatan, the Black Pearl, a Pete Dye signature golf course which is already in full operation and has gotten raving reviews after several international golf tournaments held here. The resort community is located on the north side of the island, opposite from French Harbour, the second most important town on the island and home of the best supermarket, as well as the best seafood and meat shops on the island. Because of the Black Pearl Golf Course, this resort community stands completely on its own in Roatan! The development plan includes beachfront lots, ocean view lots, lots around the golf course, a full fledged marina, condo units and a couple of hotels. Although this resort community is not completely finished, you can tell it soon will be, and without doubt this is the time to go ahead and invest! As we speak, the golf course, the beach club, the deluxe 36 room and suite hotel Las Verandas, as well as several free standing villas are already finished and in full operation!

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Lawson Rock

Located in Sandy Bay, Lawson Rock is a lovely Roatan resort community with both beachfront lots as well as ocean view lots. The community is set on both sides of the main Coxen Hole to West End road, making access easy and practical. Attention to detail, insuring the highest quality construction has been made during the planning and constructing process and the result is a superb, classy first world resort community. The proximity to Coxen Hole, the main town on the island offers easy access to supplies, as well as to the Juan Ramon Galvez international airport on Roatan. It is also conveniently located close to the tourist hot spot at West End and West Bay, giving you access to many restaurants and bars to enjoy. This community offers a variety of options, including lots to build your own dream home, predesigned homes or lovely beachfront condo units. There is also a nice full service marina on premises where you can park your yacht and have it close by for your enjoyment.