Things to Buy in Copan Ruinas

It is common for us to look for little tokens that will remind us of the best moments of our vacations. The word souvenir, which we use regularly on a vacation, is precisely that. Something that we buy to remind us of a place we have visited. Some souvenirs are perishable, others are long-lasting. A bag of that great coffee you tasted in Copan would be a perishable souvenir. The item will last as long as it takes you to drink and savor the coffee. The same will happen with one of the magnificent cigars made in Copan. Once you smoke it, the item will no longer remind you of your trip to Honduras.

Souvenirs in Copan Ruinas
One of the top places to find fine souvenirs in Copan Ruinas

Therefore, looking for the best things to buy in Copan Ruinas can be chore. A T shirt will last as long as it doesn’t wear out. Some travelers like to take T shirts to family members. It is a way to prove that they thought of them during their travels. Usually these do not have a value to those they were gifted to. It is common to see poor people from Latin America wearing T shirts from around the world. Of course they did not travel to those far out places. Nor did their family. They picked them up at a used clothes store in town! Usually they are as good as new, because they were never worn!

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Special Tips About Things to Buy in Copan Ruinas

So what is a good souvenir to look for and where can you find it in Copan Ruinas? There are several “souvenir” stores in Copan Ruinas. There you can find the perfect souvenir to remind you of this magnificent town in Honduras. Following is my selection of the top places you should visit while on the quest for your perfect souvenir.  I am not listing them in any particular order, and suggest you visit all the shops to find the best one for you.

La Casa de Todo

Things to buy in Copan Ruinas
Some of the unique lenca pottery pieces you can buy at La Casa de Todo

Located only half a block South of Central Park, on the artisans street in Copan Ruinas. They open daily 365 days a year and have a splendid variety of handicrafts. Check them out. You can find unique hot chile sauces that offer unique flavors of Honduras. You will also find ceramic vases and wood handicrafts. They also have a bar and restaurant in house. If your significant other needs a lot of time to figure out what to buy, you can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine in comfort!

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Casa Villamil

One block north of Central Park, on the corner across the street from the Hotel Marina Copan you can find this nice little souvenir plaza. There are several shops here, some specialize in jade and fine handicrafts. La Casa del Jade offers the best selection of jade in Copan. Jade is a unique stone that is native to Guatemala that the Maya nobles used. It makes for an elegant jewel and combines well with silver.

La Boutique del Artesano

Things to buy in Copan Ruinas
Colorful hand made pine needle handicrafts

This is perhaps the most distinguished spot in time for unique souvenirs in Copan Ruinas. These have been chosen to enhance your fond memory of your trip to Copan Ruinas. Get a glyph with your own unique Mayan Calendar birth date. Choose a lovely, colorful basket weaved from pine needles. Or perhaps, you would like to take an artistic candle that has a unique scent to remind you of the Maya heritage that you found in Copan Ruinas. The selection is ample, colorful and varied. The prices are fair and the quality is outstanding. Not all the products you find here are from Honduras. But they are definitely made by the living descendants of the Maya that live in Honduras and Guatemala.

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I assure you that you will find the ideal things to buy in Copan Ruinas at one of the above souvenir shops. Best of all, you will enjoy the shopping. The experience will enhance the value of that little token you take back home to remind you of your trip to Copan Ruinas in Honduras. Happy shopping, and may your souvenir keep the memory of your trip to Honduras fresh!