Hotels in Amapala

Hotels in Amapala

There are few hotels in Amapala, and a as a general rule, they are basic. Most of them cater to the Honduran traveler and thus tend to be quite affordable. Following is our list of the most outstanding hotels in Amapala for you to choose from. Please note that most of these hotels do not have a webpage. You may need to follow up via their facebook business pages or even make a phone call to make a reservation.

Hotel Playa Negra

Amapala Hotels
The pool at Hotel Playa Negra in Amapala

This is the largest hotel in Amapala. Most of its clientele are guests from Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras. The property has a total of 52 rooms, each with air-conditioning, private bath and cable TV. The Hotel Playa Negra sits on a small hill overlooking the Gulf of Fonseca. They offersa full service restaurant and bar, a pool and direct access to the beach. The beach is actually about 300 yards away from the main buildings, and there are quite a few steps to get there. Great if you want a workout, terrible if you have a handicap! The Hotel and Villas Playa Negra is on the opposite side of Isla del Tigre from Amapala.[themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Hotel Mirador de Amapala

Hotels in Amapala
A view of Hotel Mirador de Amapala from the Gulf of Fonseca

This is the largest hotel in town with a total of 30 rooms. It is four blocks from central park, right on the water. Yet, the fact that it is oceanfront does not mean it has a beach.  The hotel is the second largest property in Amapala. It offers a full service restaurant and bar, as well as pool. It appears that the Hotel Mirador de Amapala was expanded to its current size without a preconceived architectural plan.[themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Paz Camping Playa Negra

Amapala and Isla del Tigre
A view of the lovely Paz Camping Hotel in Amapala, Tiger Island

Close to the Hotel Playa Negra, this is probably the most pleasant and friendly hotel in Amapala. Its 7 rooms offer comfortable beds, nice views of the Gulf and close access to the beach. Although not on the beach, it is only 100 meters from it. The property has a nice swimming pool and a restaurant. Owners are usually on premises and are great hosts. Don’t let the name Paz Camping Playa Negra trick you into thinking this is a campground. It is one of the nicest hotels on Isla del Tigre![themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

La Casa de las Gargolas


Amapala Hotels
A Funky Building is Home to Casa de las Gargolas Hotel in Amapala

La Casa de las Gargolas is in a funky  building that seems more like a castle than a hotel. The building that serves as home to this nice hostel / hotel has a lot of personality! Rooms are a bit dark, but the property is sparkling clean. Service is friendly and the downtown location convenient. The small pool offers a refreshing respite to the hot climate of Amapala. If you are looking for a place in town to get easy access to the community and local eateries, this is your best option![themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Aquatours Marbella

Hotels in Amapala
The Aquatours Marbella complex in Amapala is small and pleasant

This is one of the few properties in Amapala that is truly on the beach. Aquatours Marbella is on the Playa del Burro, in the community of Gualorita. A tranquil seaside setting that is ideal for relaxing. Their 10 rooms are pleasant and clean. A small restaurant caters to the guests staying in the property or visiting for the day. Rooms have air-conditioning and private baths. The property has a pool for its guests.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Hospedaje Los Veleros

Hotels in Amapala
Hospedaje Los Veleros is on the Playa del Burro in Gualorita, Amapala

Located in the community of Gualorita, about a 30 minute walk from Amapala following a clockwise direction. Hospedaje los Veleros is right on the beach, and offers basic, clean rooms with air-conditioning. Owners are friendly and have the Los Veleros Restaurant the offers some of the best food in Isla del Tigre. If you are on a budget, want to be on the beach, and would love a chance to interact with the local community, this is just what you need![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Villas Karissa

A small property on Playa Zapote, in the community of Gualora, on Isla del Tigre. This is a small self contained property that offers nice tropical gardens with a pool. A beach house and a total of 10 rooms with direct access to the gardens and semi private beach complete the property. They have their own restaurant. Ideal for family vacations or to get away from it all and relax on the beach. You can enjoy outstanding sunsets from the beach here! Villas Karissa is a nice beach front alternative in Isla del Tigre.