Guanaja Hotels

Guanaja Hotels

Guanaja Hotels are few and truly spread out around the Island.

Following is a selection of the top picks of Guanaja Hotels. If you are looking for a remote location to relax in and enjoy outstanding diving, lovely beaches and great mountain hiking to secluded waterfalls, then Guanaja is for you!

Rolands Garden House

Guanaja Hotels
Rolands Garden House, a unique Bed and Breakfast in Guanaja. Photo by Luis Aguero

Rolands Garden Guest House is a lovely, intimate bed and breakfast located on the mountains of Guanaja, in the vicinity of Fruit Harbour Bight. With only two bedrooms, it is the perfect way to enjoy true island living, with access to different fruits, many tropical birds and outstanding views. Roland, and his wife are great hosts and will take outstanding care of you, suggesting a variety of activities, that can go from bird watching to hiking up the mountains in Guanaja, to canyoneering and rappelling down waterfalls or simply relaxing in a hammock and enjoying the view and the cool breeze blowing off the Caribbean. According to Trip Advisor, this is the best of all Guanaja Hotels.

Island House

Guanaja Hotles
Bo Bush´s Island House

Bo’s Island House offers and idyllic setting on the north coast of Guanaja. Located in a long white sandy beach that stretches east from Michaels Rock, the only way to get here is by boat, or following a beach trail from the community of Mangrove Bight, about an hour’s hike, one way.  Island House is located in a time warp, where island time is unique and different. Relax, enjoy life, feel the cool ocean breeze, swim in the warm Caribbean waters or soak in the tropical sun, simply enjoy Guanaja, a true piece of paradise! Island House offers great diving, outstanding trails to one of the loveliest waterfalls in the bay islands of Honduras and great beaches. If you want to experience island life like the locals live it, this is your spot! Bo is a great host, and you will enjoy his company, his stories, and the ice cold beer he serves!

End of the World Resort

Guanaja Hotels
Aerial view of the End of the World Resort

A charming, full service dive resort located on the North side of Guanaja Island. The End of the World Resort provides the perfect setting for a Robinson Crusoe experience in full comfort. Dive the reefs, walk the beaches and sip your favorite tropical cocktail at the in house bar. Captain Brian is a great host that will take good care of you. The four rooms are set up on the mountain and proved great views. You will love the feel of the trade winds keeping you cool at night. Truly a magical place to connect with nature and relax!

Dunbar Rock

Guanaja Hotels
Aerial View of the Villa at Dumbar Rock. Photo by Luis Aguero

Probably the most unique of all Guanaja Hotels! A truly different property perched on the top of a giant island rock in Sandy Bay, Guanaja. Dunbar Rock is a lovely, self contained multi story villa that is built on the huge Dunbar Rock, kind of like a small island just off the beaches at Sandy Bay. A lovely infinity pool at the top of the villa offers breath taking views of Guanaja and the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for a spot to be pampered in, this is certainly one of the top options. There is a tiny little beach area on one side of Dunbar Rock. , but it is a far cry from a true Caribbean Beach. However, your boat at their private dock is at hand to head out to find the best beaches in Guanaja. The Villa at Dunbar Rock offers a total of 11 rooms and suites, a full service PADI diving operation and outstanding food and service. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout.

La Giralda

Guanaja Hotels
Aerial View of La Giralda, Guanaja

A lovely Caribbean Community offering luxury oceanfront villas designed by renowned architect Lane Petegrew, La Giralda is a almost a dream come true. Sitting on a beautiful stretch of white sand beaches, and with assorted swimming pools in most villas. La Giralda is a luxury small hotel, offering the best of traditional Caribbean charm with all of the modern amenities. This is a great place to relax in. Enjoy life and discover the Caribbean as it was before it became a major tourism destination. La Giralda is more about private villas that a hotel, but it is put together with a lot of taste.

G&G Clearwater Paradise

Guanaja Hotels
The G&G Clearwater Paradise is a dream come true!

Built as an effort to make a dream a reality, G&G Clearwater Paradise Resort is just that: a dream come true. Owners, Ginger and George have put their heart into the construction of this lovely 8 rooms and suites property on the north shore of Guanaja. I is the perfect spot to escape to tranquility and enjoy some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Get ready to be pampered by some of the friendliest innkeepers in the Caribbean! All rooms have a fantastic view of the Caribbean, and the resort offers a fully stocked bar and great food at the restaurant. Best of all is the fact that both, Ginger and George are happy to share their dream with you… what are you waiting for?

Grahams Place

Guanaja Hotels
Aerial view of Grahams Place Hotel in Guanaja. Photo by Luis Aguero

Located on a beautiful white sand beach cay on Guanaja’s South coast, Grahams Place is the quintessential Caribbean paradise. A tiny island surrounded by turquoise blue waters, with white sand beaches. Comfortable rooms with spacious balconies offer a fantastic view of the Island of Guanaja.  You will love the friendly carefree atmosphere on the property! A full service bar and tropical restaurant offer a variety of selections that will please you. Grahams Place offers a total 18 rooms plus a three bedroom house. All rooms have air-conditioning and offer a private bath with hot water. This is probably the largest of Guanaja Hotels.

Cabañas on Clark’s Cay

Hotels in Guanaja
Cabanas at Clarks Cay in Guanaja

Just imagine – your own island to relax, enjoy and dive on some of the Caribbean’s most virgin reefs. Cabanas on Clark’s Cay is a 4-acre island oasis that offers incredible seascapes. They offer gourmet food served in an open-air restaurant. Truly unique to Guanaja is Clark Cay’s water park, featuring an infinity pool and a meandering lazy river, complete with a waterfall. Accommodations consist of air-conditioned 1 and 2 bedroom “Island Cabañas” with wrap around porches to enjoy the sea breeze. Cabañas on Clark’s Cay guests will enjoy the splendor of Guanaja’s coral reef system featuring dives on pinnacles, vertical walls, lava tunnels and wrecks. Concierge dive services and a low diver-to-divemaster ratio guarantee a relaxed experience on each of your 3 daily dives. 

Fly Fish Guanaja Lodge

The Fly Fish Guanaja Lodge is a lovely lodge located on a private key just off Guanaja. The key offers some of the best bone fish and permit fishing in Central America and the Caribbean. If you are serious fisher looking for a great fishing adventure in paradise, this is just the place for you! The lodge has a total of 4 rooms and sleeps a maximum of 8 persons.

Hotel Miller

One of the oldest hotels in Bonacca Cay. Hotel Miller is an old family owned business that has been around for a long time. The building is an old wooden structure with some character and managed by Dona Estela Miller herself. It is undergoing renovations as we speak. If you need an affordable place to stay in Bonacca, this is probably your best bet.

Hotel Rosario.

In my opinion, the nicest of the different Guanaja hotels in Bonacca Cay. If you need to, or want to stay in Bonacca, this is probably your best option!

Hotel Alexander

Located on the south western end of Bonacca. The Hotel Alexander is a concrete two story building looking out towards the Caribbean. Although ocean front, there is no beach, so don’t think you are getting a place to wade into the water to enjoy snorkeling or swimming. Although probably the most solid structure on Bonacca, it is not particularly pretty or special. It is a good place to stay in Bonacca since it is a bit out of the way from the regular hustle and bustle of town. Rooms are OK.