Mid Roatan Island

Mid Roatan Island

Mid Roatan is the Commercial and Economic Hub of Roatan Island.

Although the old time Caribbean Charm of Roatan lies in the East End, and the World famous beaches and fun night life is to be found in the West End, Mid Roatan functions as the economic motor of the Island. Both cruise ship passenger terminals, the only golf course on the island, and the two main communities; Coxen Hole and French Harbour are to be found in Mid Roatan.

There is much to see, enjoy, and eat in Mid Roatan. Because of this, we have created a separate section for this area. Some of the best Restaurants in Roatan are in this mid section of the Island. A trip from the East End or the West end to enjoy the Mid Roatan Restaurants is well worth it! Locals do it regularly! The two most popular swim clubs on the island are in French Harbour. Here you can find Little French Key as well as the Buccaneer at French Harbour. Truly, there are many things to do in the middle part of Roatan Island!

Almost inevitably, you will find yourself in Mid Roatan. The Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport (RTB) is located just outside of Coxen Hole. This means that if you arrive by air, you will first be in Mid Roatan. Similarly, if arriving by ferry from La Ceiba, you will arrive at the Carl Olsen McNab Ferry Terminal which is located near French Harbour, east of Coxen Hole. If you are arriving on the Utila Dream Ferry that runs between Utila and Roatan will you arrive arrive at Coxen Hole.

If you are cruise ship passenger that visits Roatan, you will also be in Mid Roatan. This is where the most of the banking institutions are located. In addition, the larger grocery stores in Roatan as well as most of the gas stations are here.

There are plenty of deluxe, upscale resorts within the area. From within them, you would never notice that you are close to the commercial area of the island. Whatever you do, and wherever you stay in Roatan, make sure you visit the area. It is home to some of the best restaurants and resorts in the island.

One advantage of staying in the area is that it makes it easier to travel to the east or to the west of the island, and thus you will be able to see the real colors of the Bay Islands of Honduras.