Roatan Getting There

Roatan Getting There

Roatan Getting There is Easier than you Think!

The largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan is located off the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. Most islands in the Caribbean are hard to get to, so you will surely will have questions about Roatan getting there and what to do.

Most tourists and travelers arrive to Roatan aboard cruise ships. You see, the island has become a popular port of call for many different cruise lines. This includes Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line amongst many others. Of course, most of those tourists are simply on a cruise that stops in Roatan. Most had never even heard of the island before booking their cruise. Many cruise ship however fall in love with the island after a short stop here. As a result they begin to plan their next vacation. When planing your vacation to Roatan getting there is half the fun!

Roatan has an international airport, whose airport code is RTB. Currently, there are several different international airlines offering non stop service to Roatan. This si without doubt the easiest way to travel to the island. American, Delta and Continental all have regularly schedules flights to Roatan from Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Newark. In addition, Avianca offers service from Miami and Houston, as well as from San Salvador. The only drawback is that the service is not daily, but more like once or twice a week, so you have to plan your trip accordingly. WestJet just announced a new nonstop flight once a week from Toronto International Airport! Finally, Cayman Airways is flying from Georgetown to Roatan twice a week!

Alternately, you can use the San Pedro Sula International Airport (SAP) and then book a flight with CM Airlines or Sosa Airlines, both domestic airlines that offer service between SAP and RTB to finish your trip.

For those travelers that are on a longer vacation and visiting mainland Honduras and Central America, the most practical way to get to Roatan is to travel by land to La Ceiba, and then take the Roatan Ferry to Roatan. The Ferry operates twice daily and is a modern, efficient and comfortable service that takes under 2 hours. For the islanders, this is their most used source of transportation both for the trip to the mainland as well as the return to the island. As you see, in the case of Roatan getting there is truly easy and affordable! Certainly no excuses for not visiting the island!