Roatan’s East End

Roatan’s East End

Roatan’s East End remains a quiet relatively undeveloped Caribbean Island.

Roatan’s East End is full of sleepy coastal communities, such as Oakridge, Jonesville, Calabash Bight, Punta Gorda, and Camp Bay. These are but a few of the many different true Caribbean communities that still live much like in the old days. Many of these small communities are either on small cays or with access only by boat. This makes the the area all that more beautiful and desirable if you are looking for an authentic experience.

The Town Hall of Jose Santos Guardiola is in the community of Oakridge. Although this is considered the “poor” area of Roatan, it is in my humble opinion the prettiest.

The main Roatan highway which leads from West Bay Beach down most of the length of the island finishes in Oakridge. From there, a dirt, all weather road leads towards the east and ends just beyond Camp Bay.

Although relatively undeveloped, Roatan’s East End does have some top end resort communities, such as the Parrot Tree Plantation. This is a lovely residential and condo hotel development that is up to par with any development elsewhere in the Caribbean, and for that matter, even the USA.  There are also several different hotels and resorts in Roatan’s East End. All of these tend to be self-contained due to the relative isolation they are in. Most of these Hotels in the East End have their own charming restaurants. Some of the best and unique eateries are restaurants in Roatan’s East End!

Roatan’s East End does offer a series of things to do that are sure to call your attention. Diving, for one, is outstanding, and best of all, you will not be dealing with the “cattle herds” of divers in the West End. There is also outstanding flats fishing, with tarpon and bone fish all waiting to give the fight of their life. The unique Garifuna culture is also very present in Roatan’s East End. The first Garifuna community in Central America is in Punta Gorda, Roatan.

Discover Roatan’s East End and all the charms it has to offer. Enjoy the endless beaches to yourself, and discover unique Caribbean communities. You will find that you can have a fun time in Roatan’s East End!