Sandy Bay Roatan

Sandy Bay Roatan

Sandy Bay Roatan is the Exclusive Neighborhood of the West Bay Roatan Area.

Although Sandy Bay Roatan is in the western area of Roatan Island, and part of our West End Roatan geographical division, we choose to make a separate section on it because of its uniqueness and the differences with the other two communities: West End and West Bay Beach.

Sandy Bay is much more relaxed, less crowded and more exclusive. You might even say it is more cultural than the other two areas in our West Bay Roatan section.

The beaches in Sandy Bay are not the stereotype Caribbean White Sand Beaches. They tend to be more golden that white, they are still beautiful and much protected by the reef that surrounds the north shore of the Roatan Island. Access to the reef for diving; as well as to outstanding fishing areas are readily available, making both activities one of the main attractions to Sandy Bay Roatan.

There are unique lodges, outstanding dive shops and great restaurants. Many of the more iconic activities available in Roatan are actually in Sandy Bay. Such is the case with the Dolphin Encounter, the Roatan Museum and Carambola Botanical Gardens. This is where you will find charming boutique hotels on the beach in Roatan.

Sandy Bay Roatan has several of the most outstanding resorts on the island. They are all separate from eachother, giving each one of them a large stretch of beach or waterfront for the private enjoyment of their guests. Best of all, Sandy Bay Roatan is close to the bustling little community of West End. This allows you to visit easily and enjoy the different restaurants, beach bars, and local atmosphere with a more touristy flavor.

As for dining, what can I say? There are great restaurants and eateries in the area. Many of the tourists staying in West End travel to Sandy Bay for dinner because of their uniqueness and quality. Many of the restaurants preferred by expats living in Roatan are precisely right there in Sandy Bay Roatan!