The Best Hotels in Comayagua

Are you Looking for the Best Hotels in Comayagua?

Hotel Casa Grande

the best hotels in Comayagua
Hotel Casa Grande Boutique Bed and Breakfast is one of the nicer hotels in Comayagua

A small, intimate little hotel located in the heart of town and featuring a total of  11 rooms and suites. The house is a lovely colonial home that has been renovated and turned into a boutique hotel with lots of class. Air conditioning, private baths with hot water, cable TV and wi fi are all available to guests. Lovely interior patio with a fountain a nice green colourful garden make of this a true oasis in Comayagua. Telephone: (504) 2772 0845. 7 Calle N.O. Barrio Abajo, Comayagua.

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Comayagua Golf Club

best hotels in comayagua
Aerial photo of Comayagua Golf Club facilities. Photo courtesy of Honduras tips

One of the few hotels in Honduras that has a golf course within its grounds! Located a few kilometres outside of Comayagua, the Comayagua Golf Club Hotel is set in a lovely rural area, with views of the mountains surrounding this lovely valley. With a total of 9 holes, the golf course is a big attraction for golfers wanting to get away from it all and enjoy a couple rounds of golf. With a total of 45 rooms, the hotel has all of the services you would need, including wi fi. They also have the best meeting facilities in Comayagua as well as a great pool with really nice views. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2771 9494.

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Hotel Santa Maria de Comayagua

the best hotels in comayagua
Motor lobby at Hotel Santa Maria de Comayagua, photo courtesy of Honduras tips

Located on the outside of town, on the old San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa highway. This is the perfect hotel for businessmen visiting Comayagua. They also have what is probably the nicest pool in town. The hotel offers a total of 36 rooms, all with air conditioning, private bath with hot water, cable TV and wi fi. They also have a full service restaurant and bar as well as spacious parking for your car. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2772 7872.