The Best Hotels in Copan

Our selection of the Best Hotels in Copan Ruinas:

Copan has slowly, but steadily grown and there are more and more hotels in town. Many of these are small family owned hostels and hotels that offer basic services, but there are several truly unique, world class hotels in town. Following is our selection of the best hotels in Copan Ruinas.

Hotel Marina Copan

Best Hotels in Copan Ruinas
The Hotel Marina is a charming property with a lot of character in the heart of Copan Ruinas

With over 60 years in operation, it is a true icon for tourism not only in Copan but in all of Honduras. Originally a basic hostel, Marina Copan has grown to have a total of 53 rooms and suites. It downtown location, right on central park, and the architecture that has retained the character that blends into town make of it a true gem. Owned and operated by a family from the town it is in my opinion the best hotel in Copan. A swimming pool, a great restaurant offering local and international cuisine, a quaint bar and comfortable rooms, plus wi fi throughout the property. They also have a Jacuzzi, a sauna and meeting facilities. E-mail: Telephone (504) 2651 4070

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Hotel Hacienda San Lucas

best hotels in Copan
Hacienda San Lucas rooms blend into the local rural architecture in Copan Ruinas

There are places that are unique, others have a magic to them, Hacienda San Lucas has both! Located on a hill top one kilometre from town, Hacienda San Lucas is an old rural farm that belongs to one of the local families who have been seriously involved in the conservation of the Copan Archaeological Site. Managed by Flavia a truly charming lady who is the daughter of the first director of the Archaeological Site and who has put her soul into this unique property. A total of 8 rooms, beautifully appointed, rustic, yet elegant, with a birds eye view of the Archaeological site and offering outstanding Mayan gourmet food. Overnighting in San Lucas is an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life! E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4495

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La Casa Rosada

A small 5 star bed and breakfast in the heart of town, La Casa Rosada is the perfect escape for those looking for a peaceful, quiet and very private retreat. With only 5 rooms, you will feel you have the run of this lovely colonial style home located within walking distance of all restaurants, bars and other hotels in town. Spacious rooms with great natural light, little corners here and there awaiting for you to discover them, al within the balconies and gardens of this delightful hotel. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4324.

Yat Balam

You wouldn’t even imagine that there is hotel here! It looks like a small commercial center with boutique souvenir stores, but the second story of the building has 4 truly lovely, comfortable rooms, two of them overlooking the street. Personally attended to by the owners, Hugo and Rina, this hotel is a true little gem, comfortable, affordable and with a great, outstanding location. E-mail  Telephone (504) 2651 4388.

La Casa de Café

Owned and operated by expat Howard Rosensweig and his lovely wife Angela, La Casa de Café is a comfortable, very affordable bed and breakfast in Copan Ruinas. Although located a few blocks from the main square, it is well within walking distance of everything in town, and Copan is a very safe town, so you can walk its streets with no problem during day or night time. Howard is a great source of both local and national information and is always genuinely willing to share it with travellers. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4620.

Clarion Posada Real de Copan

The largest hotel in the area, and the only one operated under a franchise, the Clarion Posada Real de Copan is located about 4 kilometers from town and two from the archaeological site. With a total of 79 rooms, the hotel offers a pleasant setting, with nice views of the Copan Valley and good service. Their regular rooms are on the small side, but the deluxe are spacious and comfortable. Nice pool and good meeting facilities. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4480.