The Best Restaurants in San Pedro Sula Honduras

Here is our Selection of the Best Restaurants in San Pedro Sula Honduras.

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, and as such, offers a large selection of restaurants that will fit every taste. There is probably no other city in Central America with such a large proportion of US franchise restaurants. You can find anything from Fridays to Chillies and Denny’s as well as Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Church’s Chicken, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken etc. If you want a meal at a franchise, just ask the front desk clerk and he will send you where you want, if you want to have a nice lunch and / or dinner, then check out our list of the best restaurants in San Pedro Sula Honduras and select the best option for you. You will not be disappointed!

El Portal de las Carnes

The best restaurants in San Pedro Sula Honduras
El Portal de las Carnes is one of the best restaurants in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The best example of a successful family business! The whole family works here, and the result is outstanding, as care is guaranteed across the board in this great restaurant. Juan, his wife Olga and their son Nacho are always on premises offering the best hospitality. Probably the best steak restaurant in town, El Portal is located on 1st street, and offers three different ambiances, air conditioning, a nice area in the garden and a more informal patio style atmosphere. In addition to steak they also offer a variety of seafood dishes. Their parrilladas which consist of a variety of grilled meats is generous and great for larger groups, giving you the chance to taste different cuts, including beef, pork and chicken. Open daily for lunch and dinner. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2552-1080.

Bel Paese

Bel Paese is an outstanding Italian restaurant. Owned and run by Piero, an Italian and his Honduran wife. The restaurant offers a variety of pastas as well as outstanding Italian specialties. Located in Los Andes district of town, 5 Calle A NO between 13 and 14 Av. Try their eggplant parmesana or their outstanding Italian desserts, an absolute to die for if you have a sweet tooth! Open Monday to Saturday from noon till 2:30 p.m. for lunch and from 6 to 9:30 p.m. for dinner. 13 y 14 Ave. E-Mail:


Fusion cuisine at its best in San Pedro Sula. A variety of different options that go from Thai curries to French and Italian specialties all with a nicely spiced taste. Chef Ana Maria does an outstanding job in the kitchen. The tables are nicely set with white linens, and there is a nice, if small, wine list to accompany your selected meal. Atmosphere is pleasant, with a very inviting outdoor lounge that serves a as a bar while you wait for your table or work up some hunger. Located at 21 ave entre 1-2 calle NO  Colonia Moderna. Telephone (504) 2552-7446. E-mail:

Pats Steakhouse

A true institution in town! Probably the oldest and most successful of all restaurants in San Pedro Sula, Pats has managed to retain not only its great food, but also a pleasant ambiance and best of all its clientele. Its menu offers not only US style cuts, but also a variety of fresh Caribbean seafood. The wine list complements a great dish. Definitely one of the Best Options in San Pedro Sula. Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Located on 5 Calle So Barrio Rio de Piedras, one and a half blocks uphill from Circunvalacion Boulevard.

Los Cayos Grill

An interesting combination of New Orleans cuisine and the typical Honduran food! Best of all, a pleasant informal, very comfortable atmosphere, and great service from Gary and his staff. Los cayos menu includes the best conch soup in town (the famous Honduran Sopa de Caracol) to the best po-boy sandwiches and the best BBQ ribs in town. Try them out! Their bar serves whatever you are into including some of the coldest beers in town. Located at 9th. calle 15th ave.  Barrio Los Andes.

Donde Ofelia

best mexican food in san pedro sula
Enjoying the Mexican food at Donde Ofelia

As a Mexican citizen, I crave for authentic Mexican food. This is a commodity that is hard to come by. Many restaurants advertise Mexican food, but few actually deliver authentic Mexican cuisine. There is one low key restaurant in San Pedro that offers the best Mexican food in Honduras. It is called Donde Ofelia, and it is close to the Princess Hilton and Hyatt hotels in San Pedro Sula. They serve great Guerrero style Pozole and tortilla soups, as well as authentic Mexican tacos.