Gracias Restaurants

Gracias has come a long way in the last 20 years. There is a nice selection of Gracias Restaurants that you can choose from. Following is out list of top selections of restaurants in town which we know will be helpful in finding just the right spot for you meal in town! Bon Apetit!

Kandil Pizza & Café

Gracias Restaurants
Kandil Cafe offers a pleasant relaxed ambiance

This is the most popular restaurant in town. Offering two different atmospheres, a nice interior courtyard and spacious indoor seating to choose from. The pizza is by far the best in Gracias  Although their slogan is Pizza & Coffee, the menu offers much more that that! Great salads and sandwiches as well as a variety of fresh fruit smoothies that are to die for! Kandil is open for lunch and dinner from 11:30 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. They are closed on Monday.

The pizza is cooked in a wood oven. If you want to experiment, try their pizzas with local mushrooms, or the loroco and chipotle pizza. These specialties of course are seasonal, as the special ingredients are unhappily not available year round. Kandil is a great place to relax and chat with friends while you listen to good music. The coffee is outstanding! Kandil is two and a half blocks north of Central Park.

Café Jardin

Gracias Restaurants
A charming garden side restaurant with great veggie dishes

If you want to enjoy a garden side meal, this is the place! Although located on the outskirts of town, it is still within walking distance from your hotel in Gracias. Café Jardin offers a delightful variety of meal, including great veggie options. A pleasant garden serves as an oasis for you to relax. Café Jardin also operates as a hostel, and therefore usually draws a fairly international crowd. Prices are right at Café Jardin, and the service is great. Café Jardin is open daily for lunch and dinner. They serve great burgers and salads. If you like fresh fruit smoothies, this is a great place to go to!

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Gracias Restaurants
A delightful terrace at Guancascos Restaurant

Guancascos is located in the hotel Guancascos, and offers the best view in town. It is at the foot of the hill that is home to the Fortress of San Cristobal. Guancascos is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. This is one of the oldest establishments in town, and certainly one of the most successful! The terrace where the restaurant is at offers a roof to protect you in case of rain, and yet provides an outdoor feeling. The quality and service at Guancascos is legendary. If you want a good meal at a fair price, this is one of the best alternatives in town!

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Plaza Café

More that a restaurant, this is a small coffee shop. It is right on central park, and offers the opportunity to sit down and see how the goes by for the locals that come and go around the park. Order you beverage on the ground floor of the kiosk, then go upstairs and enjoy the view while you sip your beverage. Menu includes hot and cold coffee mixes, as well as natural fruit smoothies. Open daily from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.

Leyenda de los Confines

Gracias Restaurants
Nice terrace at La Leyenda de los Confines

One of the newer and more elegant restaurants in town. Their specialty is meat and pasta dishes. They offer a nice selection of wines. Leyenda de los Confines is in a nice new building designed specifically to be a restaurant, and boast one of the best kitchen areas in Gracias. Choose from diverse settings, including a large ballroom, a nice indoor seating area and a pleasant outdoor terrace. La Leyenda de Los Confines is in downtown Gracias, next to the Hotel Maria Rosa. Open for lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Rinconcito Graciano

A quircky little restaurant that is hard to find. When you do find it, you never really know if it will be open or not… The décor is authentic with hand painted walls. Recipes are all from different families from Gracias and surrounding villages. They try hard to use only local produce.

La Tasca Lenca

The restaurant at the Hotel Real Camino Lenca offers a variety of dishes. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8:00 a.m. till 9:30 p.m. The menu includes a mix of local cuisine and continental dishes. Service is very good. This restaurant is open the 365 days a year.

Los Asados de Juan Carlos

Gracias Restaurants
Setting at Los Asados de Juan Carlos in Gracias

Asados San Carlos offers a nice atmosphere. Their menu is limited to BBQ and chicken soup with a whole chicken. You can order the soup or a bbq platter for a group and get a real deal. This is very much an informal outdoor restaurant. You will find it next to the gas station located at the entrance to Gracias as you are coming from Santa Rosa de Copan.  Open daily from 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.

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El Meson de Don Juan

Located in the Hotel La Posada de Don Juan, this is one of the few restaurants in town that is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Offering an elegant setting, the menu is varied and includes local specialties as well as continental cuisine. Although one of the pricier restaurants in Gracias, it offers good value. This restaurant is open 365 days a year. It is a great option on those holidays when every other restaurant in town is closed!

La Villa de Ada

Gracias Restaurants
Villa de Ada is a diverse tourist center that offers various activities, including a good restaurant.

This restaurant is within the Villa de Ada tourism complex, and offers a nice outdoor setting. There is an entrance fee to the area, which gives you access to the use of the pool and to paddle in the fish ponds. The specialty here is the red tilapia fish, which is farmed in the very ponds where you can paddle. The fish served here is always fresh, from the pond to your plate! This is a nice family setting that you will enjoy! Villa de Ada is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

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La Casona

Gracias Restaurants
La Casona Restaurant is part of the Villas de Agua Caliente hotel.

La Casona is the restaurant in the Hotel Posada Villas de Agua Caliente, which is located across the road from the Arcilaca Hot Springs in Gracias. The restaurant offers an informal countryside setting, that is typical of rural Honduras. Their main dishes are parrilladas, or charcoal grilled meats with freshly made tortillas, beans, cream, etc. This is a great option for lunch if you are enjoying the hot springs and don’t want to drive all the way back to town for lunch.

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Café Bar el Gran Congolon

Gracias’ own little gastropub! This pleasant café bar is on the rooftop of the hotel Camino Real Lenca. It offers a nice atmosphere, with a menu that specializes in pastas. Enjoy the great view from the terrace, order your favorite cocktail or sip an ice cold beer. Of course, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee here also!

Cafeteria y Artesanias El Jarron

A basic Honduran restaurant offering typical Honduran meals: eggs, beans, tortillas, cream, avocado and even a bit of chicken or beef. Food is basic, but tasty, and best of all, affordable. You can also buy some local handicrafts and souvenirs here. Service is friendly and down to earth. If you want a rural Honduras experience, this is a great place! El Jarron is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.