Siguatepeque Hotels

Siguatepeque Hotels

During a recent trip to Siguatepeque I had the opportunity to update my info on this city. I found that there are quite a few Siguatepeque Hotels that you can choose from. Just like our section on Siguatepeque Restaurants, we have some hotels in town, others on the main road. I do recommend that you go into town and enjoy this quiet, pleasant city. For your convenience, I am separating the list in two different groups. The first is for the hotels in the downtown area, the second for those on the main highway.

Downtown Siguatepeque Hotels

Park Place

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Park Place Hotel in Siguatepeque

Park Place Hotel has the best location in town, as it is right on central park. The hotel is  one of the best in town. This is a family owned property that puts a lot of pride in its service. They own a property just across the street, where you will find a restaurant, movie cinemas and a kids playground. Rooms are comfortable and offer all the amenities you need in a hotel room.

Vuestra Casa Bed and Breakfast

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Charming Gardens at Hotel Vuestra Casa B&B

A new property that started as a bed and breakfast and has expanded into a small hotel. The property now has 13 rooms and has a lot of charm and character. Vuestra Casa Bed and Breakfast offers one of the few pools in town, and has nice spacious gardens for you to explore. The hotel is in a quiet place in town, and you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and great service. Vuestra Casa is without doubt one of the best alternatives in town.

Hotel Plaza La Fuente

This small, but charming hotel is on Calle 21 de Agosto. It is not that close to the downtown area, but it offers easy access to the medical facilities available in Siguatepeque. It is also quite close to the Calenterique Park in Sigua. Service is friendly, and prices are unbelievably low. This is a great alternative for your stay in the city if you are on a budget.

Hotel Zari

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Hotel Zari in Siguatepeque

Only one block from Central Park, Hotel Zari offers one of the best deals in town. Rooms are clean, rates are VERY affordable and the location is great. The property is well kept up and even offers some parking space. They have two different buildings, one across the street from the other. If you are looking for a no frills, clean affordable hotel, Hotel Zari is your best option in Siguatepeque.

La Bellota

La Bellota is a small hotel that offers a pleasant garden setting. It is a great place to relax in comfortable beds in a clean, friendly environment. They have a small restaurant on premises that serves good meals.

Hotel Puesta del Sol

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Hotel Puesta del Sol in Siguatepeque

This hotel has modern architecture, with tinted Windows and pastel colors. It is only a couple of blocks from Plaza San Pablo, and it is without doubt one of the best places to stay in Siguatepeque. The property is well kept up, and offers clean rooms and friendly service. They now have a second location half a block from Plaza San Pablo. The Hotel Puesta del Sol is always a good option in town.

Hotel Sand River

siguatepeque hotels
The Hotel Sand River in Siguatepeque

This hotel is right on central park! It has a great location to stroll around the park and streets of Siguatepeque. Rooms facing the park have a small balcony looking out towards this pleasant central park.

Boarding House Central

Siguatepeque Hotels
Hotel Boarding House Central in Siguatepeque

This basic accommodation goes back to the days when Siguatepeque was an obligatory night stop during your travels between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. It is right on Central Park, so you cannot get a more central location.

Hotel Plaza San Pablo

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Hotel Plaza San Pablo in Siguatepeque

Right on Plaza San Pablo, opposite of the San Pablo market, this hotel has seen better days. It is rather run down and in need of maintenance. The location is great if you are visiting Siguatepeque during a particular event, such as Flower Festival. Most of the shows, musical presentations and important events in the city are centered on this plaza. The downside to the location is that it can be rather noisy during certain events. I was in Siguatepeque during the recent Moto Show, motorcycle event and the plaza was noisy and teeming with people.

Emilios Hotel

A downtown hotel that offers comfortable rooms and good meeting facilities. A large parking area for your car is available on premises.  Not my favorite hotel in town, but acceptable to spend a night if need be.

Hotel Renacer

Siguatepeque Hotels
Interior courtyard and gardens at Hotel Renacer

This is one of the larger hotels in the Siguatepeque area. Its architecture is reminiscent of colonial times. It includes red clay bricks and slate rock on the facades and gardens. You will find lovely  carved wood details are visible throughout the property. Rooms are comfortable and inviting, and have all the modern amenities that you may need. A nice large, interior courtyard has a fountain and well manicured gardens. The hotel has a restaurant, meeting facilities and parking areas for your car. Hotel Renacer is a great alternative in Siguatepeque.

Hotel Real Casa Grande B&B

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Real Casa Grande Siguatepeque Bed and Breakfast

Found in a lovely wooded property with extensive gardens that occupy a whole city block. This is a business that includes a fitness center, a swimming school, a coffee shop and now a bed and breakfast. The rooms are comfortable and the facilities pleasant. To me, the one drawback is that in addition to the bed and breakfast guests, there are usually many other persons within the premises. For example, the pool can be used by guests, but within certain schedules, you will find that they have kids taking swimming lessons. The property is on the northern side of town, close to the Universidad Catolica Campus in Siguatepeque. Enjoy the sense of being in the countryside without being away from the city at Real Casa Grande B&B.

Hotel Panamericano

Siguatepeque Hotels
Hotel Panamericano in Siguatepeque

The Hotel Panamericano is close to the Civic Plaza San Pedro in the heart of Siguatepeque. It is a very much a standard hotel that you would expect to find in a city like Siguatepeque. It has all the  basic amenities, rooms are smallish and with no frills. A good alternative if you are looking for a place to spend the night in the downtown area of Siguatepeque.

Roadside Hotels in Siguatepeque

Granja D’Elia


the best hotels in Siguatepeque
Hotel Granja D’Elia in Siguatepeque.

Granja D’Elia is always a good alternative. Try to get the rooms that face the backside of the building, these are farthest from the road and thus quieter. There is ample parking space and it is easy to find, since it is right on the main road. Don Amadeo and his family run the business and do a great job at doing so. You can’t go wrong at Granja D”Elia Hotel.

Hotel Atlantico

Siguatepeque Hotels
The Pool at Hotel Atlantico in Siguatepeque

A new hotel right on CA5 highway. The sign is hard to see, but it is almost across the street from Wendy’s. The property is larger than it seems, and rooms are comfortable enough. I did find rooms to be rather noisy at night. Hotel Atlantico features a nice swimming pool and parking.  Breakfast is served in a cafeteria located next to the pool.