Getting around using the different public transportation services in Honduras is fairly easy.

Using Air Transportation Services in Honduras

You can rely on several local airlines that serve the different airports in Honduras. Honduras has four international airports that are open and operational around the year. There are also several landing strips that are open for regular and private flights. These include Utila, Guanaja, Copan, Tela, Trujillo and Puerto Lempira. The Moskitia región of Honduras also has scheduled service that lands in several dirt runways. These include Ahuas, Palacios and Brus Laguna among others.

Using Marine Transportation Service in Honduras

The most popular destination in Honduras is the Bay Islands of Honduras. These islands are in the Caribbean. They are popular with locals and international travelers alike. One of the most affordable and reliable ways to travel to the Bay Islands is using the ferry service. Most ferry services operate between La Ceiba and the Bay Islands.

This is the case of Utila and Roatan, where you will find two daily departures from La Ceiba to these islands. In the case of Guanaja, the service operates from Trujillo. Trujillo is 100 miles east of La Ceiba (160 kilometers). The Guanaja Ferry service only operates twice a week.

Finally, there is some limited ferry service between the islands. There is service between Utila and West End, Roatan. Currently, the service operates three times a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). There is also service available between Guanaja and Oakridge in Roatan twice a week. (Wednesday and Saturday)

Using Bus Transportation Services in Honduras

This is the most used and most popular form of transportation. It can be lots of fun, or it can be frustrating. The large cities act as hubs, and often you will need to change buses in these cities. Such is the case of San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba.

San Pedro Sula offers the easiest and most modern solution. The San Pedro Sula Metropolitan bus station. This is a modern, functional terminal where all arriving and departing buses convene. If you need to make a bus change, the layover is simple, because you do not need to exit the terminal. As easy as getting off the bus, and walking to the offices of the next company, buy your ticket and continue your journey.

Some companies, such as Hedman Alas, use the terminal as a hub. You can buy a ticket from Copan to La Ceiba, or Tegucigalpa to Copan for example. The trip will take you from your originating city to San Pedro Sula. There, you will change buses and continue your journey. This is convenient, and they will even tag your bag to the final destination. This means that you do not have to worry about transferring your bag from one bus to the other! They even have a connecting service with the ferry boats the offer service to the Bay Islands!

Tegucigalpa is more complicated. You will need to change terminals, and most cases you will need a taxi to take you between them.

To provide you with useful information, we are separating the service into three categories. 1.- Direct, Non stop luxury service. 2.- Direct non stop service. 3.- The famous Central American Chicken bus service.