Bus Transportation in Honduras

Bus Transportation in Honduras

There are many different bus companies operating between cities in Honduras. The larger, more reputable companies operate between the larger cities. Smaller towns usually only offer chicken bus service. One of the reasons is because the smaller towns have bus service is because a local entrepreneur saw the demand for the service. Often the driver owns the bus. He lives in the communities and drives to the big city every day. This means that the bus departs early in the morning and returns in the evening.  It’s perfect for the local community, but makes it hard for a visitor.

Major Hubs for Bus Transportation in Honduras

Without doubt, the largest hub for bus transportation in Honduras is San Pedro Sula. This is why there is actually a modern bus terminal here. San Pedro Sula is also the busiest airport in Honduras. Many tourists traveling to Copan Ruinas, Atlantida and the Bay Islands arrive here. Once in San Pedro Sula, many use the available bus transportation from there. From there is is easy to get to their destination.

There are other important hub cities for bus transportation in Honduras. Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, Santa Rosa de Copan and Choluteca are the most important. Being the largest cities in the country, they have a large population that needs to get around.

Most international bus transportation from Honduras, departs from Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula. There are, however, a couple of exceptions: La Ceiba and Copan Ruinas. You can find alternatives at both of these cities for your trip. Especially towards Guatemala City, Guatemala and Leon, Nicaragua.

Different Categories of Bus Transportation in Honduras that You Will Find:

For the purposes of our information structure, I am separating services in three large categories.  Luxury nonstop service, nonstop service and the traditional chicken bus service. In some cases, you can choose between all three categories, in others, you must use what is available!