San Pedro Sula Bus Station

The San Pedro Sula bus station is a modern facility that makes getting to and from San Pedro Sula much easier. Every single intercity bus service arrives and departs from this terminal. As a matter of fact, it is the first metropolitan bus terminal of its type in Central America. This makes getting around Honduras a relatively easy task!

San Pedro Sula Bus Station
The Bus terminal offers shops, banks, a food court and transportation services

The terminal offers a variety of shops, banks and a complete food court to service the passengers. The design is an L shaped building, with the food court at the junction of the both building sections. You will find that the top area has the more exclusive bus companies. Many of them offer international service within Central America. The bottom area, which is the longest, has the majority of bus companies that offer service here.

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The Luxury and International Routes are all together in the San Pedro Sula Bus Station

Hedman Alas, Tica Bus, King Quality, Transportes Cristina and Viana Express are all in the upper area. There are also a few other bus companies in this section too. The larger downstairs section is by far the busiest. This is where most of the chicken bus companies operate. You might even feel intimidated by staff yelling out their departures and ushering passengers to board their buses. It’s kind of a market here!

Do not feel intimidated. They are only trying to fill their buses up. It’s a way to get the on first bus departing. Yet beware; it might not be the service you are looking for! If at all possible, figure out in advance which is your preferred transportation company. Then look for the company you preselected. This is especially important if you have decided on one of the better bus companies.

You do not want to end up on a bus between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa that will stop and pick passengers up every 10 minutes! The trip will take twice as long and the bus will be crowded with standing passengers. If you are going towards a destination like Lake Yojoa, then you will need a one of those buses. The better ones will not stop and let you off on the road.

The San Pedro Sula bus station is on the CA5 highway exit from San Pedro Sula towards Tegucigalpa. This means that all buses departing and arriving from the south and west actually arrive at the terminal without crossing the city. If you are in need to change buses in San Pedro Sula, it is convenient. You simply need to walk within the terminal to your next bus company service area and continue your trip. Security within the terminal is good, so you need not worry about your luggage as you do so.

Speaking some Spanish will always help you out is a spot like the Metropolitan San Pedro Sula bus station. Enjoy your travels through San Pedro Sula to the rest of Honduras.

Handy Tips for the San Pedro Sula Bus Station

If you are arriving, and need a cab to go to a hotel, there are always cabs just outside the terminal building. Remember that you should negotiate your fare before you get in the cab! Finally, a tip for you: If you are going to the airport, consider the following. Hedman Alas offers transportation from the San Pedro Sula bus station to the airport.

This might make you feel more secure, as you are traveling with a responsible, professional company rather than a taxi driver.  Check their schedules and rates in their webpage. I recently lost my phone on the way to the San Pedro Sula bus terminal and was happy I used the official service. Believe it or not, I got my phone back!

Most of the transportation companies at the San Pedro Sula bus station accept credit cards. There are also plenty of ATM machines throughout the terminal, which means that you can always have access to some cash if needed.