Honduras Tourism: The Best of 2016

As the year comes to an end, it is always a good idea to recap and remember what the most outstanding happenings for Honduras tourism where during the year. Following is my list of outstanding activities and events in Honduras Tourism: the best of 2016.

2016 has not been an outstanding year for the growth of Honduras Tourism. Yet, several important milestones where reached. These should help propel Honduras Tourism to an upswing in 2017. In my opinion the following are some of the most significant Honduras Tourism events in 2016. They should result in a better 2017 for the tourism industry of Honduras. Please note that these are not in any specific order.

Top News for Honduras Tourism: The Best of 2016!

A new international nonstop flight from Madrid will begin to operate as of April next year. Air Europa will begin a once a week nonstop service between Madrid and San Pedro Sula. The service will be in an Airbus A330-200. The ticket price has been set to a cost of $780 US return trip. The flight is possible thanks to the support of the Honduras government. They have allotted funds for marketing and is sharing the risk with the airline. The contract has a 26 month duration with a renewal expected before it comes to an end. This opens the doors of Honduras to Europe via Madrid. Never before has there been a regular scheduled nonstop flight between Honduras and Europe!

Also worth mentioning in this Honduras Tourism: the best of 2016 post is the fact that Air Panama has begun service between Panama and Roatan. Service began this December. It will have a twice a week frequency, with operations on Thursdays and Sundays. This is the first direct nonstop service between Panama City, Panama and Roatan! With Panama’s Tocumen Airport leading role as a logistics center, this means great connectivity for Roatan!

The Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour was a Huge Success!

The Honduras Birding for Conservation tour took place last month in Honduras. The event attracted leading birders from around the World. Having international, renowned birders traveling throughout Honduras has proved two things. First and utmost, it is possible to travel throughout Honduras and stay safe. Second, Honduras is a birders paradise with many diverse hotspots. Best of all, getting between the different hotspots is easy! The birders visited the National Parks of Atlantida. They also explored the area around Lake Yojoa, and the Copan Valley among other sites. Congrats to James Adams from the Lodge at Pico Bonito for a great idea and a successful event. Expect the next event to take place in 2018!

The 2016 Copan Awards

The prestigious Copan Award event took place at the Honduras Maya Hotel in Tegucigalpa. This year, the award went to Don Armando Funes. He is a hardworking stakeholder in Honduras who has been active for many years. He is one of the owners of the Latitute 15 hotel in San Pedro Sula. The institutional prize went to an NGO known as Aldeas Globales. This organization manages the Parque Nacional Azul Meambar (PANACAM). They have made of it the most visited National Park in Honduras! They own and run the Panacam Lodge near Lake Yojoa. Many congratulations to both!

The Alimentaria Honduras Congress took place in Tegucigalpa this November. The event seeks to promote local gastronomy. It does a great job motivating hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs to improve quality. Many different local chefs participated in the event, which was a total success.  If you are in the restaurant industry in Honduras, this event is a must! The dates for 2017 will soon be set, so make sure you sign up in time for next year!

For those of us in the travel industry, hopes for a successful 2017 are high. We are confident that the year will see a sustained growth in tourism. Travelers should realize that Honduras is safe to travel in. The stats for Honduras Tourism are proof that travelers are safe in visiting Honduras.