Trujillo Restaurants

Trujillo Restaurants

There are many Trujillo Restaurants and Bars to choose from. Although Trujillo is a small city, the tourism infrastructure is spread out over a large area. Because of this, I have decided to separate the Trujillo Restaurants into three different categories. The first is the Trujillo Airstrip hotel area. This is where you will find the largest Trujillo hotels, such as the Christopher Columbus and Casa Alemania. A second area is that of downtown Trujillo Restaurants. These can be either in town or on the beaches just below the Central Park of Trujillo. A third area is that located west of city of Trujillo. This includes the Garifuna communities in Santa Fe and Guadalupe. Please note that to go to the restaurants West of Trujillo you will need a vehicle. If you hire a cab, make sure he waits for you or returns for you at a pre scheduled time.

Trujillo Restaurants in the Airport Beach and Hotel Zone

Restaurante Isabella

This is the main restaurant at the Christopher Columbus Beach Resort. If you are looking for an air-conditioned setting this is your best choice in Trujillo. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has a spacious window looking out to the Caribbean Sea and the Bay of Trujillo.

Las Birrias

This restaurant is at the Hotel Casa Alemania. This hotel is on the border between the downtown hotels and the airport hotels.  Las Birrias is open for breakfast, and they usually promote the Sunset Bar and Grill for lunch and dinner. The owners are German, as you probably guessed, so if you are in search of tips by a German, this is one of your best options in town!

Sunset Bar and Grill

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 to 10. Sunset Bar and Grill is a nice beach restaurant and bar. They also have a pool. It is an extension of the Hotel Casa Alemania. They serve a variety of dishes and have a beach party atmosphere.

Bahia Sports Grill

Trujillo Restaurants
The Bahia Sports Grill is a great beachfront alternative for food.

A huge facility on the beach offering an extensive menu. Choose between romantic dining on the beach or under their roofed area. This is the best stocked bar in Trujillo. The Bahia Sports Grill is open daily. Monday to Saturday from 10 to 10, and Sunday from 8 to 8. They have some TV screens showing sport events, so it is a good option if you want to see your favorite sport matches.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Downtown Trujillo Restaurants

Café Vino Tinto

Trujillo Restarants
Great Restaurant with an outstanding view!

Hidden just behind the municipality of Trujillo, you will find the Café Vino Tinto. This restaurant offers the best view in Trujillo. From here, you can see pretty much all the bay. Café Vino Tinto is  your best source of tourist information in town. English expat, Jon Tompson has lived in Trujillo for many years. He is the best tour guide in town and an expert on the Moskito Coast of Honduras. The restaurant offers great pizza cooked in their own wood oven. They have the coldest beers in town. Open daily for lunch and dinner.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Ares Café

Trujillo Restaurants
Are’s Cafe in Trujillo

A small coffee shop on the road leading from Central Park to the beaches offers a combination of great views and outstanding coffee.  They have a nice terrace looking out to the bay. This is a great alternative for a breakfast. They serve a variety of hot and cold coffee brews. They are under a huge tree that provides a cool shade even in the hottest days in Trujillo.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

El Muelle Viejo

Trujillo restarants
Arguably one of the best restaurants in Trujillo: El Muelle Viejo

One of the best beach restaurants in town. El Muelle Viejo is on the beach  next to the municipal dock. They offer direct access to the beach, some hammocks to relax in and a varied menu. Their specialty are seafood dishes and parrilladas. Parrilladas are a big platter with a variety of grilled meats. They are a good dish to order for several persons. The food is great, the portions are generous. El Muelle Viejo offers some of the coldest beers in town. They also offer “Guifitty” a Garifuna alcoholic beverage that locals say is aphrodisiac. El Muelle Viejo is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8 a.m. till late.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Du Monde Café y Te

Trujillo Restaurants
Great Coffee and Smothies at Du Monde Cafe in Trujillo.

A great location right on the pedestrian street in Trujillo. This pleasant coffee shop offers great hot and cold coffee’s. If you are looking for something fresh, try one of the natural smoothies. The menu includes a variety of pastries, and light sandwiches. Unfortunately, they do not open early for breakfast. They are open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9;00 p.m.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Carivida Club Café

Carivida Club stands out from the other beachfront restaurants and bars in Trujillo. More than a restaurant, it is a full service beach club, offering tourist information, tours, food and drinks. On the weekends they become the best spot in town for a great evening, with live music and great cocktails.

El Muelle Pizzeria

You will find this great pizzeria on a dock over the Caribbean Sea! This is one of the favorite spots for locals when they want some pizza. It’s also one of the best spots in town to enjoy a sunset! Menu includes pizza and pasta dishes.

Colonial Villa Brinkley

Trujillo Restaurants
The Villa Brinkley Hotel has a nice poolside restaurant with great view.

I said Café Vino Tinto offers the best view of the Bay of Trujillo from downtown. I also say the Hotel Colonial Villas Brinkley offers the best view in Honduras. Its location gives you a view of the Bay of Trujillo and beyond. On a clear day, you can see the island of Guanaja from the restaurant at the hotel. The menu includes a bit of everything, and service is outstanding. Run by a Costa Rican family who understands about service. Prices are reasonable. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

La Terraza

Trujillo Restaurants
Great food and good night life at La Terraza Pub

Located downtown just above “Pollos Sanson”. Menu includes wings, burgers and ribs. The atmosphere is pleasant and usually has a nice breeze blowing through. Service is friendly and food is good. Ordered a beer which was not cold enough, but they helped me cool if off with a bucket of ice! Open daily for dinner from 4 p.m. till late.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]


Surf and Turf Burger
The surf and turf burger at Nautico in Trujillo

One of your best options when it comes to beach restaurants in Trujillo. Nautico is open daily for lunch and dinner. Ask for their daily specials. The menu changes regularly but always offers great seafood and a variety of Chinese specialties. Choose between eating on the beach or indoors. Owner, Karla, is always on premises and tries hard to please you. food is outstanding and service is even better! I tried their surf and turf burger and thoroughly enjoyed it! [themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Café y Sabores

Trujillo Restaurants
Great budget meals and best breakfast in town at Cafe y Sabores

This is the best breakfast in town! They are right downtown and also offer affordable meals for lunch and dinner. If you are on a budget, this is an outstanding alternative. The place is clean and the food is good and affordable. What else can you ask for?[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

“El Bukanero”

Trujillo Restaurants
El Bukanero Restaurant is at the Hotel Colonial in Trujillo

This restaurant is in the Hotel Colonial, across the street from the Fortress of Santa Barbara. Try their unique “ceviche bulabula” a rare conch that is native only in the Bay of Trujillo. Their seafood soup is also outstanding.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Trujillo Restaurants in the Western End of the Bay

El Caballero

A famous restaurant in the Garifuna Village of Santa Fe is still open after many years. El Caballero is probably overrated and certainly over priced. They do not accept credit cards, so make sure you bring some cash!


Trujillo Restaurants
The pool and restaurant at Campamento in Trujillo

Roughly half way between Trujillo and Santa Fe, you will see a detour on your right. This is the entrance to Campamento and Tranquility Bay Resort. Campamento offers restaurant service, as well as a pool and beach for their guests and clients. It is locally owned and they try hard to make you happy. The setting is relaxed and the food is good.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

The Mystic at Banana Beach

This is a destination in itself. They are on the road between Trujillo and Santa Fe, just before the Garifuna Village. You will see a sign that reads “Playa Guinea” on a small gateway towards the beach. They have a complete full service restaurant and bar that operate with international standards. Great menu, nice pool, fantastic beach and ice cold beer and great tropical cocktails. You  cannot go wrong at The Mystic. To top it off, they speak English and German besides Spanish.  They also have some great rooms available is you want to spend the night.